If you would like more information about Bryan Howland, please feel free to send us an email or contact us at (315) 246-9784.
Mailing Address:
John Howland
5440 Lockwood Road
Auburn, NY 13021
Fax: 315-253-4458

Sponsorship Objective

To develop a sponsorship program that mutually benefits the marketing goals of your organization through a partnership with Bryan Howland, 2015 Canadian Nationals Champion and three time Patriot Sprint Group Series Champion, as well as implementing a branding program which will co-exist with the rapidly growing popularity of Bryan Howland and Sprint Car racing throughout the Northeast.

Sponsorship Benefits

Auto racing continues to grow in popularity. With this popularity, racing venues are seeing larger spectator crowds. Larger crowds equate with greater identity awareness for your products or services.

Bryan Howland has a growing fan base throughout the Northeast. He is well-spoken, educated, and fan-friendly. He makes a great spokesperson for your product line.

Professional team representation. Bryan Howland’s team is first-class and will represent your company on and off the track.

Bryan can do show appearances with the car, radio and television interviews, and print advertisements promoting your products.

Exposure on www.BryanHowland.com as a sponsor. A link to your website will drive new traffic in the way of new customers.

Media exposure through press releases following each racing event when Bryan Howland competes. Approximately 40-50 events a year.

Employee reward program with race tickets to events where Bryan Howland will be competing with your company logo on the car in front of thousands of fans.

Sponsorship Implementation

Each sponsorship program should be carefully crafted to meet the goals of your company and those of Bryan Howland and Team. Please use the list of potential promotions, events, and marketing particulars listed below as a guide in planning how you would like to proceed with a racing sponsorship program.
  • Recognized as an Official Sponsor of Patriot Sprint Group Series Champion Bryan Howland Company outing(s) at one or more racing events.
  • Bulk race ticket purchases for racing events.
  • Bryan Howland available for photo shoots with the team car (based on scheduling availability).
  • Bryan Howland available as a spokesperson at trade shows (based on scheduling availability).
  • Company logo on team car(s). Location negotiable.
  • Listing as a sponsorship partner on all team marketing materials (website, brochures, hero cards, stationery, apparel).
  • Establish a Bryan Howland Fan Club in conjunction with your business to create a mailing list for future promotions and/or cooperative newsletter.
These items are just a brief list of options available through motorsports marketing. We are willing to work with you to customize a program that will meet your goals and budget.

Thank You for Your Consideration

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to present a sponsorship proposal which puts the fastest growing spectator sport and the fastest sprint car driver in the Northeast together in what can ideally be a winning business relationship for your business and the customers who our weekly fans.