2018 News and Notes


Finally a race day without rain!  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team raced at Fulton and had a solid third place finish after starting 6th. 


Racing at Woodhull Raceway was rained out and rescheduled for June 23.  Next up for Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team is May 27th at Utica Rome.


He's back!  Well it may not be a full-time schedule this season, but it is still great to see the #51 team back at it in 2018.  They started off the season at Land of Legends Raceway, formally Canandaigua Motorsports Park, and had a great night.  Started 6th in the heat and had a solid 2nd place finish to get into the A-Main.  Then a pretty good 4th place starting spot for the A-Main.  Bryan said he should have finished third if it wasn't for Cobra getting stuck behind a lap car which put the #51 Filtrec into the second place finishing spot.  All-in-all another great night of racing!  Next week the plan is to go to Woodhull Raceway and see if Flyin' Bryan and the #51 can keep the first place finishing streak from 2017 alive in 2018.  See you there!

2017 News and Notes


So wraps up a great racing career for Flyin Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team. Although a DNF at the Canadian Nationals wasn't what we wanted to see, it has been a wonderful 21 years following one of the best 360 sprint teams out there.  Bryan posted a great farewell message on his facebook page that I'm reposting here: "Well, our final race season didn't end the way we wanted it to. A DNF in the biggest race of the season, the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, due to a motor issue ended our night early after a decent qualifying effort. I believe we had a top 3 or 5 car.  Our final season ended up with 4 wins, should have been 5 with a U joint breaking on lap 24 while leading. We had 3 DNF's this season. Every time we did finish a race it was in the top 5, with the exception of one 7th. I'm very happy with our accomplishments over a 21 year racing career but look forward to spending more time with my family. The occasional race in the future isn't out of the question but nothing like what we have done in the past. Thank you to everyone of my supporters, family, friends, sponsors and crew. Your all what has made it possible for this long!"


Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team were all set for a great night of racing last night at Fulton Speedway.  They had the fastest time in the time trials group and a solid second place run in the heat.  They even had a decent 4th place starting spot in the A-Main and quickly got up to 2nd where the #51 Filtrec was in hot pursuit of running down Barney for the lead.  But the car was loose and after a late lap caution they ended up where they started.  Today the race at Utica-Rome is already rained out so all that is left for Flyin' Bryan and his #51 Filtrec team's farewell tour is the grand finale at Ohsweken for the Canadian Nationals September 15th and 16th.  This season sure has flew by.  Hopefully the team will go out in the style they have become accustomed too, as winners!


What a thrilling night at Ohsweken for the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 sprints.  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team didn't have high hopes but wanted to shake out the car in preparation for the Canadian Nationals.  The #51 won the heat and was a half a straight away ahead of the field when the white flag dropped.  Unfortunately, just then the u-joint decided to break.  Luckily Bryan only suffered a bruised big toe.  It could of been so much worse.  Although this breaks the #51 Filtrec winning streak, we are looking forward to a commanding performance at Brewerton.


After Friday night's PST race got rained out at Outlaw Speedway, Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team went to Canandaigua for the ESS race on Saturday.  After a third place finish in the heat, Bryan started second in the A-Main and won pretty convincingly.  The first win this season at an ESS event, but the fourth win overall.  Next up on the farewell tour is another ESS race at Brewerton on September 1 where the #51 Filtrec team will go for another victory.


Another great night of racing for Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team at Woodhull Raceway.  They are 2 for 2 at Woodhull on their farewell tour!  After starting 5th in the heat and quickly moving up to second place, Bryan earned the second starting spot for the A-Main.  With a little luck, bad luck for the leader, the #51 found it's way to victory lane again.  Next up is another Patriot Sprint Tour race on August 4th at Outlaw Speedway.  Hope to see you there.


Happy Independence Day everyone from the #51 Filtrec Racing Team! 

Not much to report after a less than steller racing weekend.  The car wasn't good at McKeen, then Raceway 7 got rained out, and to cap it off, a flat tire caused a DNF at Utica-Rome.  We are hoping a few weeks off will get Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team back to the front where they belong!


Another great night of racing for Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team.  They always do great at Ohsweken and Friday night was no exception.  Bryan was second fastest in Hot Laps with a time of 14.138.  Next up was the Heat races where he started first and finished first.  For the A-Main he started fourth and quickly made his way up to second where he would finish.  Congratulations to first time PST winner Dylan Westbrook.


What a great night back racing at Fulton Speedway with the Patriot Sprint Tour.  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team started 3rd in Heat 3 and finished first.  Then a miracle occurred and Bryan drew 2nd in the redraw for the A-Main starting spot.  That was all he needed to take command of the field.  He said the car was perfect all thanks to his top-notch crew and chief.  He ran high in 1-2 and parked it through 3-4 leading all the laps.  I'd say he should go buy a lotto ticket, but something tells me it's not luck but rather sheer dedication, hard work, and talent!  Hopefully the team will repeat at Ohsweken next Friday night.


Once again the #51 Filtrec team headed out for a night of racing, this time over to Raceway 7 in Ohio.  Bryan started first in Heat 3 and finished first in the same.  In typical fashion he came up 6th in the redraw.  He said they just missed the set-up and he had all he could do to eek out 3rd place.  Hopefully next week in Canandaigua everythng will come together for an awesome finish.


Happy Mother's Day! 

Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team had a great night racing with the Patriot Sprint Tour at Woodhull Raceway.  After starting 4th in Heat 3, Bryan got the lead coming off 2 on lap 1 and won.  He redrew 4th and got the lead coming off 2 on the first lap again in the A-Main.  Almost got passed in lapped traffic but once he made it through the lapped cars he checked out.  They won by almost a straight away.  Bryan said "The car was unbelievably good!"  Be sure to tune in this Friday the PST race at Raceway 7 to see if they can keep the winning streak alive.


Check out this great article by Jordan Delucia highlighting Bryan's racing career, the ups and downs, and his final 2017 season. 


Bryan and the #51 team started off their last season in typical form.  Starting 3rd in the group 4 heat and winning it even with a bent front axle.  Then starting back in 9th for the A-Main because why should this season be any different...  But Bryan was quickly able to get up in the top 5 and finish 4th behind Chuck Hebing, Danny Varin and Cory Turner.  He said he should have got third but was a little too aggressive on the last lap and lost a little ground. 


Happy Birthday Bryan!  Good luck tonight on the first race of the last season at Fulton Speedway.  We will be following on twitter and sending win, win, win vibes your way.


Breaking News - Bryan announces this will be his final season racing.  Here is his post from social media:  "The 2017 racing season will be my last season behind the wheel.  I am retiring to spend more time with my family.  So any fans that want to see me race, here is where you will see the 51 in action.  At the end of the year everything will be up for sale. Thank you everyone for the help and support over my 21 year career!  After this you can see me on the boat catching fish!" 

Gary Culver commented with a great post highlighting the crew:  "Its not easy to say goodbye to any activity you deeply enjoy, particularly if you're one of the few that excel at it.  Bryan found his niche and everytime he strapped into the famed #51 Sprint Car he was a threat to win. Not many will understand Bryan the way his crew does.  Starting with his Dad, John Howland, the crew chief, car owner and full time mechanic, the rules for Team 51 racing started and ended with "preparation".  Everytime Bryan took to the track he had dependable and safe equipment.  With that confidence he developed racing talents only several in this sport could routinely display.  Winning was always the objective but Bryan never did it at the expense of others.  He not only won the respect of opposing drivers, fans and track officials but most important, of his Crew.  Dale Roloson is the Hauler driver and master mechanic while Dan DeMarree has maintained his aptitude to do anything on the car, fast, while always a buddy and confidante of Bryan's in  quiet times.  Dave "Mad Man" Madison has improved depth of our mechanical talent and keeps the team loose and smiling.  Fred Clark says he's a regular but often trades race nights for more time with the women.  As for me, Gary Culver, I chase loose ends during the week, prep tires and act as a fuel man.  The entire team is special in every way.  We all have each other's back and all have one focus:  give Bryan the best car possible each time out.  There's more to "race retirement" than one guy.  For Team 51 its retirement for 7 close friends who have made racing a part of our lives.  Our camaraderie can't be duplicated, nor would we ever try to replace it.  Each of us support and agree with Bryan's decision to retire.  Its a class move by a class guy, something his crew always knew matched his driving talents.  Watch out for the teams performance this last year.  We're going to put up some awesome numbers and enjoy every moment of it :-)."

2016 News and Notes


Another exciting time for Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team at Ohsweken.  After finishing 4th in the twin 15s, the driver and crew were ready to defend their championship title, but as luck would have it mother nature intervened and postponed the Canadian Nationals race until Sunday.  The weather was perfect, but not much else was as the #51 started in the 27th spot and gave it all they had to eek out a 10th place finish.  Congratulations to Parker Price-Miller, Steve Poirier, and Jessica Friesen on their first, second and third place finishes respectively!


Sunday night at Utica-Rome for the Cole Cup and a chance at $10,000 to win brought out all the best in the Northeast. There were 47 sprint cars competing with Bryan and the #51 team among them.  The night started with hot laps where Bryan was second fastest in his group, then onto time trials where he ended up 3rd in his group.  That put the #51 in the 4th spot to start heat group 3 where they ended up finishing 3rd.  With 4 group heats only the top two transfered so Bryan was in the redraw which put him in 11th to start the A-Main.  After getting shuffled back on the start, he was able to get up to the 8th spot thanks to the great setup the crew gave him.  Hopefully they can defend their championship spot at the Ohsweken Canadian Nationals next weekend! 


 Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team took the checkers in their heat at Weedsport, but then as luck would have it, started on the bottom for the feature when the top was fast.  After starting 7th, Bryan lost a bunch of spots in the first few laps while he was pinned to the bottom.  Even after passing a few cars, he was only able to get back to a 9th place finish.  Definitely not the night the team was hoping for.  Next up is the $10000 to win Cole cup at Utica Rome and then the Canadian Nationals at Oshweken on September 16th and 17th where Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team will be defending their championship title!


Once again the #51 Filtrec team was fastest in time trials, this time at Utica-Rome Speedway.  The inversion had Bryan starting 6th in the heat where he eeked out a 4th place finish.  For the A-Main he started back in the 15th spot with the likes of Danny Varin, Jason Barney, Steve Poirer, and Chuck Hebbing all ahead of him.  The track was fast and Bryan made quick work of the field finishing in the 4th spot.  Not bad.


Bryan was fastest in his time trial group at 13.477 to start the ESS Labor day weekend at Brewerton but things got challenging after that.  The #51 Filtrec team started 6th in the heat and eeked out a meager 4th place finish.  Then another 4th place finish in the dash and a 16th place starting spot for the A-Main had the team less than excited about their chances.  After moving back to 22nd and jumping the track, it was some incredible driving that got the #51 an 8th place finish.  Hopefully, the next race at Thunder Mountain Speedway will bring better results.


Yay!  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team scored a victory at Ohsweken and took the top prize! 


We just got back from a wonderful trip to New York where we got to see the #51 Filtrec team in action.  The ride to Canandaigua in the hauler made us feel special and spoiled to hang out with the driver, crew chief, and crew but unfortunately our presence didn't change their luck.  Bryan was fast in time trials but inversion had him starting 5th in his heat.  In just a few laps, he was able to get up to second and was closing in on Cobra when he ran out of laps.  The A-Main was equally exciting and after starting mid pack, Bryan broke out and made his way to third where he spent most of the race.  Near the end he made several attempts trying to make some gain but ended up losing a few spots as other drivers were doing the same.  All-in-all a great night of racing especially for those of us that only get to one race a year if we are lucky.  Not all was lost as we got some great pictures we will be posting to the gallery. 


PST racing at Woodhull was typical for the #51 Filtrec team's 2016 season so far.  Bryan won the heat by a lot but for the A-Main had no forward drive off the corners.  He started 4th and finished 2nd.  They are getting sick and tired of finishing 2nd.  Guess there is nothing left to try but additional fans in attendance.  The Florida contingent will be in town for the next couple of races, so we will see if that changes the results! 


Bryan and #51 Filtrec team had quite the night at Utica Rome to finish out ESS Speed week.  They started 5th in the heat and finished 2nd, but had the rear end blow apart so had to change it.  That's an extensive process but luckily they had the help to get it done.  The track pushed the bottom tires in all the way around the track so it gave the track one lane around the bottom and nothing else.  So after starting 2nd in the A-Main Bryan ended up 3rd.  Congratulations to Jason Barney who won from the pole with about a 15 second lead! 


After the rain out at Can Am, the #51 Filtrec team was ready to go racing at Fulton.  Mike Mallott predicted a win for Bryan Howland at this track saying it was simply his turn.  Driver and crew nailed it for the win in Heat group 1.  But in typical fashion they got 10th in the redraw.  With the likes of Hebing, Barney, and Poirer all starting ahead of Bryan, a 4th place finish was all the #51 team could eek out.  That means there is only one race left for a chance to win at Utica Rome to finish out the 2016 ESS Speedweek racing events.  Hope to see you there!


Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team struggled with a loose race car despite having the tightest setup they knew.  After starting 6th in the heat and managing to finish 3rd, they got the 12th spot in the redraw.  Bryan had all he could do to eek out a 9th place finish at Canadaigua.  Let's hope they can get a better finish at Can Am. 


ESS Speedweek was off to a great start at Brewerton Speedway for the #51 Filtrec team.  Bryan started second in the second heat and took the checkers.  But as luck would have it, after starting 9th in the A-Main, Bryan got collected when Dylan Sweirnik spun in front of him.  He restarted 24th and ended up finishing 14th.  Sounds like the crew has the setup.  Now all they need is a little luck. Next up racing at Canadaigua!


Great racing by Bryan and #51 Filtrec team last night at Raceway 7.  After starting 5th in the second heat race, Bryan finished 2nd.  Then in the A-Main he started 3rd, slide back to 5th and had a late race rally to finish 2nd.  One more lap and they may have pulled off a win!  I'm guessing all these second place finishes were in honor of Bryson's 2nd birthday.  Happy Birthday!


Thirty-one sprints showed up at Utica-Rome Speedway on a Sunday night for the ESS race.  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team posted a 16.679 in the time trials but then drew the 8th for invert and so started 8th in heat group 2 and finished 5th.  Bryan won the Dash after starting on the outside pole, but then got the unlucky 13th starting spot for the A-Main were as he said "finished an embarrassing 11th."  Certainly not the night the team was aiming for, but all-in-all a fun night night of racing.  The team isn't scheduled to race next weekend so they can rest up for the June 24th race at Raceway 7!  Hope to see you there.


There has been a last minute schedule change for the upcoming weekend race events.  Due to some family health issues, the #51 Filtrec team will skip Friday's PST race at Oshweken and shoot for racing the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints presented by SUNY Canton and Wilber-Duck Chevrolet at Utica-Rome Speedway on Sunday night.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the team during this difficult time.


Sometimes you have to fight hard for what you get!  That sums up the #51 Filtrec Patriot Sprint Tour racing results from Fulton Speedway.  After Bryan started 7th in the heat, driving straight into an infield tire on the first lap, spinning around and somehow managing to keep going, he went from 10th to 5th which gained him a spot in the dash.  Using the dash as a hot lap session and finishing 5th got him into the A-Main.  He started 13th and worked back up to 4th.  Car was good until a few late race restarts then it got loose and he had nothing for the top 3.  Congratulations to Danny Varin on his first PST win!


The #51 Filtrec team enjoyed Saturday night racing at Thunder Mtn. to kick off the Memorial Day racing weekend.  Bryan finished first in his heat race but had to settle for second place in the A-Main after Jason Barney.  Stay tuned for Sunday night's race at Utica Rome to see if Bryan and the #51 team can get into victory lane for the first time at that track!


World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Cars at Weedsport was awesome.  Joey Saldana set a new track record during qualifying at 12.274, Logan Schuchart led 30 laps in the A-Main, and Donny Schatz took the win.  Bryan had a blast racing Doug Emery's #33 against this top talent.  He started at the end of the pack in the first heat group and made it up to the 7th spot which earned him a spot in the Last Chance Showdown which he started 7th and got up to 2nd.  That got him a 20th starting spot in the A-Main and he made it to 14th before falling back when the car got super loose and then lost a plug wire around lap 20.  Bryan ended up finishing where he started but it wasn't for a lack of trying!  All-in-all a great night of racing for everybody at the Empire State Challenge.


Outlaw Speedway was jammed packed Friday Night for the ESS rain make-up race originally scheduled for April 22.  This time mother nature cooperated and the #51 Filtrec team was ready for racing.  After a blazing fast 13.623 time warm up, Bryan moved on to start third in Heat 2 and take the checkers.  As old luck would have it he started 11th in the A-Main and finished 8th well into the wee hours of the morning.  Let's hope he gets a better starting spot on Sunday for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Empire State Challenge!


Breaking News! Bryan will be running Doug Emery's #33 410 Sprint at Weedsport next Sunday, May 22nd. The first 1000 fans through the gate will receive a commerative gift as the Craftsman Sprint Cars race under the new LED lights in the Empire State Challenge. 


Friday night the PST American opener was unfortunately postponed until Friday the 13th.  Let's hope that is a lucky day for the #51 Filtrec team!  Saturday night racing at Canandaigua was jammed packed with superstars.  Bryan started 7th in the first heat race and finished a respectable third which moved him into the A-Main where he started 3rd.  The #51 Filtrec team was up against some stiff competition with many champions racing for the win including Steve Poirer, Jason Barney, and Chuck Hebing to name just a few.  Bryan led laps three through ten but just didn't have enough to keep Poirer from taking the led at lap eleven and had to settle for a second place finish.  Still you can't complain when you get a podium finish in every race so far this year!  With that kind of momentum, a win is surely imminent.


After the ESS season opener at Black Rock was rained out last week, the #51 Filtrec team couldn't wait to get racing at Fulton this week.  Bryan started third in the first heat and took the checkers.  A sixth place start in the A-Main wasn't too bad, but there was some stiff competition up ahead of him.  Steve Poirier and Danny Varin got first and second while Bryan and the #51 team would have to settle for third place.  The team is looking forward to another try at Outlaw Speedway next Friday!


With the start of the 2016 racing season just weeks away, let's hope this week's snowfall will be the last!  Check out our updated race schedule on the racing tab and please plan on joining us at Black Rock on April 22nd for our first race of the year!

2015 News and Notes


Super Dirt Week for the 360 sprint cars was rained out on Friday October 9th and rescheduled to Sunday October 11th. Seeing as this was the last race of the year,  the #51 team showed up to try out new setups for next year.  After starting 6th in the heat, Bryan ended up with a third place finish which meant he transferred to the seventh starting spot in the A-Main.  The new setup was so secret that even the car didn't know about it and wound up finishing where it started.

Stay tuned for news and notes from the off-season.  Otherwise we look forward to seeing you next year.  And last but not least, thanks to all for your support through-out the year and a big congratulations to Bryan the #51 team on their Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Championship! 


Canadian Nationals 2015

Official Race Report -

Bryan Howland and the #51 Filtrec team put on what is being called the best race ever for the Canadian Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway. After starting 20th, Bryan charged to the front and lead his first lap on lap 33 while battling past champion Steve Poirier, and then the only one that really counted to take the 2015 Canadian National win!!!  Someone on twitter mentioned that the track conditions were such that driver talent and confidence were going to be a bigger factor than engine power and Bryan obviously had both!  Oh and did I mention he finished first in his heat and the A-Main Friday night?  And first in his heat and the B-Main before taking the Win Saturday night.  When your hot your hot!  Congratulations to the entire #51 team - great job boys!


It was another night of Empire Super Sprints racing at Utica-Rome Sunday night.  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team showed up with hopes of besting their last two attempts there this season.  Bryan started 6th in his heat and finished third.  He got the 7th starting spot for the A-Main but the car was loose and there was only one groove around the track.  Needless to say he ended up finishing 4th just like back in July.  Well there is always next time!  Which is next Saturday back at Utica-Rome for the Cole Cup.  Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that the #51 team brings home the checkers.


Racing at Weedsport with the Empire Super Sprints turned out to be a crash fest.  After multiple cautions and three red flags, Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team squeaked out a 4th place finish.  The good news is no one was hurt except for maybe some egos.  Looks like the team will take a little break to rest up for September racing that includes a make-up for the rained out race at Brewerton and the Canadian Nationals.


The #51 Filtrec team was all set for racing at Brewerton but mother nature would have it her way instead.  The event was canceled and we are waiting for an update for the make-up date.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for Sunday's race at Weedsport.


It was a great night for racing at Canandaigua with a lot of great competition.  Flyin' Bryan and #51 Filtrec team started out 5th in the heat and finished in the top spot.  The A-Main would be a different story though, with the #51 starting back in 9th place and up against a lot of fast cars, Bryan was only able to squeak out a 7th place finish.  He said the car was good but not great.  Guess that means the crew chief has some work to do before the next race at Brewerton Friday night.


We were looking forward to an exciting Friday night of racing at Blackrock where the #51 Filtrec team is typically pretty good, but luck was not on their side.  Bryan started out good moving from 3rd to 2nd in the heat to secure a spot in the A-Main.  After starting in the 6th spot the #51 quickly got to the lead but fell to second after getting caught up in lapped traffic.  As Bryan was working his way back to the lead he broke a tie rod bolt in the front end and wasn't able to finish.  Let's hope Saturday night at Canandaigua can redeem the weekend for the Filtrec team.


Saturday night racing at Woodhull started out great for the #51 Filtrec team.  Bryan started on the pole in his heat race and took first place.  For the feature he wasn't so lucky, starting back in 8th place and doing all he could to finish 5th.  All-in-all a great night of racing none-the-less.


A special Thursday night of racing at Rolling Wheels Raceway for the Patriot Sprint Tour was full of excitement. The 5/8 mile track is super fast. Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team started 4th in the second heat and although being loose off were able to finish in second place.  For the A-Main, Bryan started 4th and quickly moved to the front where he would battle for the lead through multiple cautions.  His car just didn't have the bite he needed to get by Stewart Friesen so would settle for a second place finish.  The team is off to Woodhull for another exciting race Saturday.


Saturday night it was back to Brockville for a Patriot Sprint Tour race.  Bryan and the #51 Filtrec team started out on the pole in Heat 1 and won the heat.  Things continued to look good when he got the 4th starting position for the A-Main.  However, after running off the track and restarting 6th, he had all he could do to get back to the front before running out of race laps.  It was an exciting finish with the #51 missing a 2nd place finish by a bumper.  All-in-all a great night of racing.



ESS Speedweeks is over and already it seems like just a blur.  There was some great competition and good racing even if we didn't make it to the winners circle.  Started out at Brewerton with Bryan driving the #33 with the typical horrible starting spots.  He started 8th in his heat and was able to finish 3rd.  Then for the A-Main it was more of the same with starting 10th and squeaking out an 8th place finish.  The car was loose in and tight off.  Thursday he moved on to Canandaigua where things were lookiing up when he took first place in his heat and then got the pole for the feature.  He said he did a terrible job of driving but we have a hard time believing that even if he did finish 6th.  Friday night he was back in the Filtrec #51 with a new setup to try at Can Am.  He started 9th and finished 5th in the heat, won the dash, and although started 13th in the A-Main was able to eke out a 5th place finish.  Saturday, Bryan and the #51 team celebrated the 4th of July at Fulton with some great competition.  After starting 8th he finished second in the heat, but the real racing was during the A-Main where he split Chuck Hebing and Jason Barney at the line finishing 3 wide and beating them by a bumper to finish 6th.  Bryan said the track was terrible, cushion was dangerously heavy.  He stayed on the bottom most of the race.  To finish off the week of ESS racing, the #51 Filtrec team went to Utica Rome which isn't typically a good track for them, but Bryan passed a lot of cars and felt the car was the best they ever brought to this track.  He won his heat race after starting 4th and finished 4th in the A-Main after starting 9th.  All-in-all a great week of racing and one that we will look to beat next year!


Breaking News!  The #51 Filtrec will be taking a break next week while Bryan drives the #33 during ESS Speed Week.


You can't always be first, but second in the heat and a late race jump for a third in the feature isn't bad.  The #51 Filtrec had it's share of problems at Ohsweken, but Bryan and the crew made the best of it.  If it was anyone else, you might think those finishes were quite good, especially considering the tough competition, but we've come to expect the top spot from the Championship driver and crew.  They will get another shot the week after next when they compete in the ESS Speed Week starting at Brewerton July 1st and then back to Ohsweken on July 2nd followed up by Can-Am, Fulton, and Utica Rome. 


Flyin' Bryan Howland and his #51 Filtrec machine put down the fastest lap at Fulton turning a 13.986 second lap.  He won his heat and moved to the A-Main where he drew the 5th starting spot.  It was a great line up of competitors and the changing track grove made for some exciting race action.  The #51 team ended up in 5th place right where they started, but had a great time getting there.


Wow!  Bryan and #51 Filtrec team nailed it at Raceway 7.  It was a night filled with firsts...  First Bryan started third in the heat and won it going away.  Then he actually had to pick for the redraw himself and got the 2nd starting spot for the A-Main and again won going away.  The new Eagle chasis was fast right out of the trailer with only a few minor tweaks putting down a new track record at 15.42 seconds and beating the old 15.51 record!  A very good night of racing for the Filtrec team, but not so good for the competition that was left in Bryan's dust.


Ok, the truth comes out.  After getting 12th position on the redraw, we come to find out that Bryan's luck hasn't changed and that this was the first time this year that he actually picked in the redraw.  He has fired himself from this responsibility.  Needless to say after starting 4th and finishing 1st in his heat, we thought there was a good chance the #51 Filtrec team could go to victory lane again, but that didn't happen after starting mid-pack.  The best they could do was all they could do to finish in 10th place.  Hopefully someone else will draw for them next weekend at Raceway 7.


I know I said scoring the pole position on the redraw was a trend last week, but this week it makes three for three!  And speaking of three, that is where the #51 Filtrec finished in the heat and the A-Main at Black Rock this week.  After rain threatened the race several times, the track was slick and the car was smokin', but that didn't stop Bryan from getting another podium finish and adding to his points lead.


The redraw trend continues!  Bryan got the pole for heat 3 and on the redraw.  This is unbelievable.  What's not hard to believe is that the Filtrec #51 team takes the win after starting on the pole.  After all those years of starting in the back of the field and having to fight their way to a podium finish, starting out front is like taking candy from a baby.  Seems like the crew, car, and driver are hooked up and unstoppable.  Next up is Black Rock Speedway on Friday night. 


Yay!  Bryan and the #51 team are off to a great start for the 2015 racing season.  After taking a commanding lead and finishing first in the heat, the Filtrec team got the pole on the redraw!  In all my years following Bryan and the #51 team, I can't remember this ever happening.  Hopefully this is the start of a new redraw trend.  The team ended up with a top 3 finish which all-in-all isn't a bad way to start the year.